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Pirates of Black Cove - Patch 1.05

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Download Pirates of Black Cove – Patch 1.05

 Size: 961,54 MB

For: PC Version
Languages: all languages (english, german, spanish, french)

Changelog 1.05 (englisch):



Changelog 1.04:

- CTD Fix when using windcharm (if the charm was the last usable item in the inventory)

- CTD Fix that occasionally occurs on load game

- Patrolling enemy units fixed (occasionally would just stop and start twitching)

- Colonial commander now works as intended and heals the units near it at intervals

- Fixes to missions: Corsair FM6, Buccaneer FM 4, Pirate FM6 (Salty swill)

- Fixed achievements


- Left Click on radar marker / unit marker to focus the camera

- Right click radar marker to give move order to radar marker

- Number '5' selects all units

- Ctrl click in GUI deselects selected units

- Pressing enter skips in game messages


Changelog 1.03:


- Configurable keymap: My Documents/Nitro Games/PiratesOfBlackCove/Keymap.xml

- Added command line option "-windowed", which forces the game to start in windowed mode

- Support for German, Spanish and French languages


- Fixed a crash when leaving world scene

- Bloated savegames will now load

- Final mission crash fix

- Crash fix for collectables on loaded saves


- Fix for Corsair FM6 possible crash when killing some of the ships before mission ships start moving

- Fix for Buccaneer FM7 (Paddy Paws)

- Pirate FM 7 Chiefs Chowder: If the whaler is outside of the map it travels back to the map

- Monkey cannon works

- Buccaneer fm6 fix - after exiting from land before mission zone is captured

- Buccaneer fm7 fix - fail after killing petes ship

- Corsair fm1 - Steal the Luxury Ship from Port Cancun bugfix


- Fixed path finding problems when character crossing the bridges

- Fixed achievement "Gatherer" to be possible to achieve.

- Fixed achievement "Ship Tycoon" to be actually possible to achieve.

- Settings are now properly saved

- Characters won't get stuck into LZ signs/firestands/roadsigns/lamps

- Buildings should now drop items only to accessible positions

- Fixed issue where speech bubble would jump strangely when sinking a ship with mortar.

- Fixed issue where player ship info would show too many empty unit slots if last row was full.

- Fixed Resolution change popup not to go under other windows!

- Correct flag for Black Cove ships

- Selecting a dead hero now shows units under its command

- Cannons of cannon towers no longer disappear after re-entering a town

- Reset radar & healthbars after resolution change

- Multiplying artifacts no longer multiply when selecting them from inventory

- Now there's 15 badges visible on character screen, instead of them being only 13

- Santto Domingo -> Santo Domingo

- Fixed clipping ingame messages

- Fix for sea level musics

- Made horizontal scrollbar in load game menu invisible in localized versions also.


Changelog 1.02:


- Game now starts even if selected resolution is bad

- Fixed crash after having opened Pimp the Ship window

- Fixed bug causing jam on loading screen in some situations

- Fixed crash at finale mission

- Fixes to ship capture

- Fix to dublicate ships

- Fix on alt causing crash in some situations


- Timed accept window on resolution change

- Numpad layout for left handed (configurable keymapping coming soon)


- Chiefs chowder fix

- Voodoo priestess tracking fix

- El Torro stutter fix

- Dog Skull island black cove ship can't be captured

- Corsair FM6 fix

- Fixes to capture missions after loading game

- Storyline mission starts right after last faction mission

- Buccaneer Storyline 4: Fix if the once captureable black cove ship was captured and has disappeared without dying


- Fixed health bars

- Ambient Occlusion off by default

- Fixed hero tooltips

- Fixed crazy cannoneer label not fitting in alt-view

- Exclamation marks on action menu now work as they should

- Removed lag from pressing alt on land

- Balanced stinkbombers

- Player can access unit buildings with his faction hero's too


Changelog 1.01:


- 1001 jokes

- Unit radar indicators

- Tutorials can be accessed via ingame menu

- Tutorial autoscroll


- Updated world visuals

- Updated conversation window

- New intro video

- Added volcano smoke particle effect

- Active skill highlight

- Fixed PhysX glitches/stutter


- More time in shrimpbuck mission

- Improved mission tracking in various places

- Buccaneer FM1 crash fix, conversation camera

- Buccaneer FM4 tracking fix

- Buccaneer FM6

- Monctezuma fixes

- Double click on player icon will start follow mode

- Changed mansion window to open directly after the first discussion with the faction leader

- Message in the bottle ships now spawned next to Corsair stronghold, and ship flags now Corsair

- Use black covians for Dog Skull island and added some enemies to the cave too

- Leticia stopped imitating 1st mate

- Destroy the distilleries update


- Slow ships are a bit faster

- Battle music stops on scene change

- Barracks GUI fixes

- Land battle GUI fixes

- Sail damage no longer affects the speed but hull damage, fixes issues with ships just slowing down and not being able to use toolbox to remedy the situation

- Can't collide with sinking ships

- Reduced toolbox cooldown from 30 seconds to 15 seconds

- Skill cooldown reset / skill remove on scene load

- Tooltips for active skills

- The end credits after boss fight

- All units have names on alt

- Changed dizzy time from double drinking grog from 10 seconds to 5 seconds

- Long dialogue texts now fit in conversation window. Font is scaled down when text is too long.

- Unit under attack sounds

- Try harder not to spawn ships on land

- Fixed missing civilians from strongholds

- Missing skills for Jolie and Jack

- Don't crash when other heroes gain level up

- Mission ships captured, can't be captured again

- Fixed special weapon names

- Fixed "Collected artifact" -messages to last longer

+ Some minor fixes & tweaks


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